The New Show 04: Joe Is Typing

An awkward Linux distro question, succeeding to spite people, cheating in video games, favourite songs, Dan has never seen Top Gear, and popey thinks everyone else is a bot.

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00:00:38 What’s your favourite song and why?
00:04:31 If you couldn’t pick any of your top 3 linux distributions, which one would you pick next for personal use?
00:13:16 Do you cheat in video games?
00:20:31 Who would be the Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond of the podcast?
00:21:50 Have you ever wanted to succeed at something, people haven’t supported you, and it’s made you want to succeed even more?
00:26:27 What do you imagine people are doing when your messages suddenly stop being read for a couple of minutes?